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Best of Newspaper Design 23rd Edition, (The)



Best of Newspaper Design 23rd Edition, (The)

Author: Society for News Design, C. Marshall Matlock

Publisher:   Rockport

The twenty-third edition of The Best of Newspaper Design showcases award-winning publications from the Society for News Design's 23rd annual competition-the best-of-the-best in the field for the year 2001. Selected by a panel of judges from thousands of international publication entries, this broad and breathtaking collection sets the mark for excellence in journalism design. Full-color photos, a bold layout, and inspirational commentary make this the visual yardstick against which anyone involved in print media, graphics, photography, design, journalism, and mass communication will measure their work.

ISBN: 1-56496-884-7

Size: 9" X 12"

Pages: 272 Pages

500 color images

Available Date: 8/15/2002


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Our Price:US$49.50


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