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Directing Web Traffic



Directing Web Traffic

Author: Philip Smith

Publisher:   RotoVision Sa

Unlike most books on website promotion, Directing Web Traffic is a book by designers for designers. It is about how to use design effectively for the Internet, not only within a Web browser but also in emerging technologies such as WAP and interactive television. It shows how creative off-and online promotional strategies generate interest in a site, and how design can ensure that interest is both maintained and directed. From search engine optimisation to pop-up advertisements, from navigation to affiliate deals, from online surveys to guerrilla marketing ?tried and tested techniques are covered in detail. Profiles of successful sites and campaigns show how good Web marketing works, and examples of bad practice show what to avoid.

ISBN: 2-88046-701-2

Size: 9" X 11" 1/2

Pages: 160 Pages

200 Color Illustration

Available Date: 1/1/2003


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Our Price:US$36.00


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