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International Design Yearbook 2003 (the)



International Design Yearbook 2003 (the)

Author: Karim Rashid / Jennifer Hudson

Publisher:   Laurence King

The benchmark showcase of domestic design, The International Design Yearbook brings together 300 of the best designs from the past year. This year? selection has been made by the acclaimed New York-based furniture and product designer Karim Rashid. In a radical change to the Yearbook? traditional format, furniture, lighting, tableware, textiles and products are grouped thematically according to international design trends: RetroFuturo, Nukitsch, Phenomena, Organic, Embellishment, Multiplicity, Minimum and Techno. The book is richly illustrated in colour throughout and many images are accompanied by extended captions explaining their form, function and innovations. Full technical data is given for each object and a comprehensive reference section is included with designers?biographies and a list of suppliers.

ISBN: 1-85669-328-7

Size: 11 1/2" X 9"

Pages: 240 Pages

Full Color

Available Date: 6/1/2003


List Price

Our Price:US$65.70


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