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Emotional Digital



Emotional Digital

Author: Alexander, Jutta, Heike, Sibylle, Jurgen

Publisher:   Thames & Hudson

The rise and rise of new media has resulted in an explosion of new creativity in the field of typography and graphics. Emotional Digital is a wide-ranging, international selection of todays most beautiful and exciting typefaces introduced by the designers and publishers themselves. From the cult status designers of Emigre, San Francisoc to LettError, The Hague Thirsttype, Chicago Typerware in Barcelona, the comic alphabets of Rian Hughes to the character-filled typeface of Alessio Leonardi, Emotional Digital offers stimuli for typeface design and layout.

ISBN: 0-500-283109

Size: 9" x 11"

Pages: 312 Pages

500 Illustrators in Color

Available Date: 8/1/2002


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