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Collidoscope : New Interior Design



Collidoscope : New Interior Design

Author: Nigel Coates

Publisher:   Laurence King Publishing

This is a stimulating overview of the current direction of international interior design. Nigel Coates, one of the foremost practitioners in the field, has selected around 30 international designers whose work he feels is especially interesting. He presents a selection of work by these designers in such a way that the relations between them (both the differences and similarities) are brought out as well as broader themes in current interior design. Coates draws comparisons between each project by letting them cross over - or collide - into one another's territory. The author believes that interior design is not the preserve of those professionally called interior designers': there are interesting interiors being created by all sorts of individuals, including artists (such as Mathew Barney and Jorge Pardo) and sometimes film-makers (for example Baz Luhrmann, whose film work has led to the creation of some very innovative interiors). Collidoscope will appeal to designers and students of interior design both as a sourcebook with reference to current tendencies in design and to the ideas that underpin them.

ISBN: 1-85669-388-0


Available Date: 10/1/2004


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