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Little Book  of  Creativity, (The)



Little Book of Creativity, (The)

Author: David E. Carter

Publisher:   HDI

Creative people get new ideas by seeing what other creative people are doing. The best annuals and other sourcebooks provide the mental stimulation to help in the creative process. For The Little Book of Creativity, David E. Carter has taken a bold new approach. Instead of having categories for advertising, brochures, etc., he has categorized the 250+ examples of creative work into concept categories, such as photo manipulation, layout, typographic, texture, surprise, size and other creative areas. The result is a treasure trove of source material for what Carter calls "solitary brainstorming." Any creative professional, from entry level to the veteran award winner, will get the creative wheels turning from the work shown in this book. In addition, brief commentary on each piece helps to jump start the creative process.

ISBN: 0-06-074801-X

Size: 9" X 6 3/4"

Available Date: 10/1/2004


List Price

Our Price:US$22.50


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