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Everything For Bathrooms



Everything For Bathrooms

Author: Patricia Bueno

Publisher:   Atrium

A bathroom. How many different things can be implied by a bathroom? Despite its immediate identification with merely hygienic and physiological functions, this space conceals significantly more complex connotations are, on occasions, contradictory. In fact, they may be something different for each user, depending on a variety of conditioning factors. According to what each and every one of us may understand as hygiene. According to the love or hate relationship that every face maintains with its reflection. According to the idea that each body has of itself and of the care that it needs. According to the necessity that each spirit may have to withdraw from the exterior world. According to the capacity of each mind to find, in water; a source of indispensable energy and its ability to enjoy this discovery. According to each person's lifestyle and cultural background, because the bathroom in an apartment block in Manhattan is not the same as one found in a village of an African tribe, or one found in any working class district, or one belonging to a traditional Japanese family. It is not the same.

ISBN: 84-96099-31-8

Pages: 287 Pages


Available Date: 1/15/2005


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