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Fashion Design Techniques



Fashion Design Techniques

Author: Zeshu Takamura

Publisher:   Keng Seng

“Fashion illustration” is the name given to depictions of various styles, materials, patterns, textures, colors, and so on of clothing and accessories, pertaining to the fashion industry. The purpose of these illustrations is to transmit to other people in an easily understood manner ideas about fashion and accessories. Fashion illustration could be called the core of fashion design, as it uses expressive skills that are comprised of the very heart of fashion design technique. There are various kinds of fashion illustration to suit diverse purposes. Apart from the so-called pure “fashion illustration” that expresses only the designs of clothes, there is also “mode illustration”. Mode illustrations are sketches that emphasize image. Fashion illustrations are advanced works of art, including the background, as well as other elements. For those planning to become designers and those who are already involved in other aspects of the fashion industry, it is extremely important to cultivate the ability to grasp the meaning of fashion illustration on a deeper level. If this is done, the resulting patterns are likely to be more stylish. Those involved in sales require the ability to understand the schematic drawings that are used in product catalog lists. If you can clearly grasp what the design points are for each schematic drawing, you will be able to recommended products that meet consumer needs more accurately. This book covers a wide range of topics related to the basics and practical application of fashion illustration, from hand-created forms of expression to textbook. This tool is beneficial to students and the general public alike.

ISBN: 978-988-97455-4-7

Size: 8"1/2 x 11"

Pages: 158 Pages


Available Date: 10/28/2006


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Our Price:US$22.50


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