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Restaurant Design



Restaurant Design

Publisher:   Birkhauser

Whats the recipe for designing a successful restaurant, one that whets the visitors appetite? Bon App?tit: Restaurant Design reveals the secret with an exclusive look at restaurant interiors. Taking thirty-five late-breaking projects as examples, it presents restaurants from around the world, from the creative workshops of world-famous and influential design firms like Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders, Stepahn Zwicky, and Hawkin/Brown, but also from newcomers like Jason Caroline Design. A provocative mix of fast food excess (McDonald s, Mailand) and gourmet minimalism (Nuba, Barcelona), with something to satisfy every mood and taste, this book is the key ingredient in the recipe for a successful restaurant design. Every project is presented with high-quality photographs and background information from well- known authors in the field like Anneke Bokern and Masaaki Takahashi. Whets the appetite!

ISBN: 3-7643-7770-4

Size: 10.4" x 7.2"

Pages: 376 Pages


Available Date: 4/28/2007


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Our Price:US$65.70


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