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World of  Signs  (w/CD-Rom + Poster), (The)



World of Signs (w/CD-Rom + Poster), (The)

Publisher:   avedition GmbH

With this book, Martin Krampen, coauthor with Otl Aicher of the now out-of-print standard work Sign Systems of Visual Communication, originally published in the 1970's, presents a long overdue update. In the first part of the book there is a theoretical introduction to the semantics of static pictures as well as more recent animated pictures. The renowned author, professor of semiotics and visual communication, investigates the exciting question: How can the semantic field of all pictographs be ordered? The second part of the book is made up of 1,200 pictographs. The pictographs can be found by using analphabetic index, like a dictionary. All the pictographs are shown as vector graphics, the part with animated pictographs is accompanied by a CD. The accompanying poster gives a systematic overview of the World of Signs. Co-editors Michael Gtte and Michael Kneidl are professors of design and media communication in Schwbisch Gmnd and Dornbirn The pictographs were processed by the designer Jochen Speidel.

ISBN: 978-3-89986-086-3

Pages: 150 Pages


Available Date: 12/8/2007


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Our Price:US$34.00


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