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B/Lack ( Black )



B/Lack ( Black )

Author: Antonia Henschel

Publisher:   Art Distribution Centre Ltd.

B/lack is the third in a series of books by Sign Kommunikation. Following Blockade and Blanko this project deals mainly with the color or non-colour) black. The title also suggests a playful handling of the word lack, which is the true theme of this project. In German der Lack simply means lacquer, or in the printing world, a kind of varnish or coating. In English , however, we have a different meaning. The lack of something is not only the more challenging of the two different meanings, it also builds a bridge to the preceding book Blanko. The first part B/lack Out plays with the absence of black. The colour does still emerge, but in a very controlled way. Thus drawing attention to its few appearances. The following second part B/lack Box is pure black and printed with no other color. Finally, the third part B/lack Board deals with a overly use of black. All three parts want to challenge our perceptions of black, our ways of actually seeing it, our expectations. All in all, you will find various shades of black printed throughout the book. Our glossary will help to decipher the deferent applications, printed and revealed by Uneversitatsdruckerei H. Schmidt in Mainz. Black is the new black.

ISBN: 978-962-7561-02-6

Size: 23 x 18 cm

Pages: 191 Pages


Available Date: 6/8/2009


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Our Price:US$38.95


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