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ADC Germany 2011



ADC Germany 2011

Publisher:   avedition

ADC (Art Directors Club Germany) has been a source of inspiration for the constantly changing communication industry for almost 50 years. Creatives from the fields of advertising, the written word, images, design, editorial, photography, illustrations, radio, film and interactive media have joined forces in the ADC. Every year, the club organises Germanys most important creative competition. The best contract work from the disciplines conventional media, digital media, dialogue marketing / promotion / media, design, editorial, spatial design, craft and holistic communication are judged by a prestigious panel and published in an elaborate yearbook.

ISBN: 978-3-89986-152-5

Size: 9.4 x 11"

Pages: 536 Pages


Available Date: 12/1/2011


List Price

Our Price:US$136.00


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ADC Germany 2011
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Advertising Now Online, (w/DVD)
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