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Sushi 13



Sushi 13

Publisher:   avedition GmbH

Were you searching for this book or did you simply find it? Or maybe the book found you? Sushi 13 has certainly been searching – for exceptional ideas and the people behind them. People who can show us just how strongly the search for concepts has influenced their creative perceptions and viewpoints. And just how great a role accident or design, or indeed accident by design, play in the day-to-day search for the big idea. People who search leave tracks behind them. We followed those tracks to find something new. Sushi 13 furthermore presents the awardwinning results found by the ADC in ist search for the year’s major talents, showing what the outstanding creative minds are currently working on all over the world

ISBN: 978-3-89986-160-0

Size: 9.1“ x 10.2”

Pages: 276 Pages


Available Date: 12/1/2011


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Our Price:US$27.69


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