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Author: Franois Chalet

Publisher:   DGV

Swiss designer Franois Chalet started as a comic artist and illustrator until he began to remodel his skills for the computer. From then on he designed flyers and album covers and his inimitable way of interweaving comic figures and modern computer graphics into stories has brightened up MTV campaigns, illustrated magazines (from jetzt! to Harpers Bazaar), ads and websites. Franois Chalets style has become a trademark, inspiring other graphic designers to take the creative challenge of developing an own metaphorical language - and is lots of fun. The book does not only show this well-known side of his, but gives insight into the working methods and ideas of graphic conceptions which often blend with his illustrations. Chalet is happy, colourful, funky and resembles the Bro Destruct book as a universal statement on the way-of-life. Please look at his site "www.francoischalet.ch" and youll see what we mean.

ISBN: 3-931126-39-0

Size: 9 1/2" X 11"

Pages: 192 Pages

Full Color

Available Date: 3/1/2002


List Price

Our Price:US$37.39


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