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@Supermarket : Package Designs



@Supermarket : Package Designs

Publisher:   PIE

This book presents a wide variety of package designs for daily products available at supermarkets ranging from food & confectionery, beverages to various living products. In addition to package examples of the above categories, this book features supermarket brand designs. Some well-known supermarkets such as Waitrose in UK, and HEMA in Netherlands have developed their own brands; those product packages, shop designs as well as such various graphics as shopping bags, carts and catalogs are visually stunning; the consistency in design of various products contributes to establish their credibility. And attract their customers even more.

ISBN: 978-4-7562-4002-6

Size: 29 23 cm

Pages: 160 Pages


Available Date: 1/18/2010


List Price

Our Price:US$55.30


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