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100 Best Posters 02



100 Best Posters 02

Publisher:   Verlag Hermann Schmidt

ISBN: 3-87439-629-0

Size: 8" X 9 1/2"

Full Colors

Available Date: 12/1/2003


List Price

Our Price:US$40.50


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Too Cool to Throw Away - Stunning Designs of Flyers, Leaflets, Freesheets
and More
List Price:US$39.95
Our Price: US$35.95
Trade Fair Design Annual 2004/2005
List Price:US$96.00
Our Price: US$86.40
T-Shirt Factory (w/CD-Rom)
List Price:US$24.95
Our Price: US$22.50
Type Navigator - The Independent Foundries Handbook (W/CD Rom)
List Price:US$76.95
Our Price: US$69.00
Upset : Young Contemporary Art, (The)
List Price:US$63.00
Our Price: US$56.70
Urban Sign Design (w/CD-Rom)
List Price:US$65.50
Our Price: US$59.60
Versus : Pix vs Fts
List Price:US$32.00
Our Price: US$28.80
Vintage Dress Fabric from the States
List Price:US$26.95
Our Price: US$24.30
Visual Storytelling : Inspiring a New Visual Language
List Price:US$67.95
Our Price: US$61.00
Wayshowing : A Guide to Environmental Signage Principles
List Price:US$58.00
Our Price: US$53.00
Web Design Index 9 (w/CD-Rom)
List Price:US$34.99
Our Price: US$31.49
Web Design Index by Content 04 (w/CD-Rom)
List Price:US$34.99
Our Price: US$31.50



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