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Bags : A selection from the museum of  Bags and Purses, Amsteradam



Bags : A selection from the museum of Bags and Purses, Amsteradam

Publisher:   Pepin Press

BAGS offers you a unique overview of the most important bags in the collection of the Museum of Bags and Purses. The book covers the history of the bag and its uses over the last 600 years, encompassing pouches, wallets, chatelaines, reticules, travel bags, minaudires, vanity cases, evening bags and well-known designer bags and It-bags. Read about Madonnas bag, the cupcake bag featured in the TV series Sex and the City, and learn why the Kelly bag will continue to be timeless. Over the centuries, the bag has been influenced by trends in fashion, design and art, as well as by socio-cultural developments and the emancipation of women.

ISBN: 978-90-5496-143-7

Size: 170x225 cm (6x9")

Pages: 384 Pages


Available Date: 12/1/2011


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Our Price:US$33.29


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