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PANTONE® GoeGuide™ coated(Chinese edition )

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PANTONE® GoeGuide™ coated(Chinese edition )

Product Code :GSGS001C


Our    Price : US$55.30

PANTONE® GoeGuide™ coated(Chinese edition )

with digital library for Adobe® CS

The PANTONE GoeGuide is used to select, specify and communicate the 2,058 new solid colors from the PANTONE Goe™ System. Chromatically arranged with intuitive unique numbering system, colors are printed on a #1 grade coated stock. Ink mixing formulas are provided for blending the colors, as well as sRGB values to promote viewing consistency across monitors and Web pages. Package includes download access to the Goe digital libraries for color selection within Adobe Creative Suite programs


Wide gamut of 2,058 solid colors
Pantone published RGB values
Ink mixing formulas
Chromatically arranged color families
Ten Mixing Bases used to create Goe Colors
Colors printed with uniform ink film thicknesses using inks receptive to coatings
Intuitive naming system
Consecutive numbered pages
Fan guide format
Printed on #1 grade bright white stock


Expanded range of solid colors choices
Easy to locate desired colors by chromatic arrangement or number
Color data provided enables recreation onpress, onscreen or the Web
Saves time when using auto-generated or Web-posted color palettes
Inks are easily controlled onpress for matching color
Convenient travel size and format
Paper choice reflective of the premium grade paper most commonly specified




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