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Pantone Universe Colored Pencils set of 12

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Pantone Universe Colored Pencils set of 12

Product Code :color12


Our    Price : US$14.95

Pantone Universe Colored Pencils set of 12

PANTONE brand, have developed a range of coloured pencils in a set of 12; 24 and 36 with Pantone color numbers, packed in red metal case.

12 color numbers are:

19-0812 TURKISH COFFEE – Plausible robust practical
13-0000 MOONBEAM – Whisper graceful chic
11-0602 SNOW WHITE – angelic fastidious pristine
14-1911 CANDY PINK – Charming delicious caressable
17-1664 POPPY RED – provocative alluring ravishing
14-1159 ZINNIA – Tangy – gregarious whimsical
13-0858 VIBRANT YELLOW – Boundless explicit luminous
15-5534 BRIGHT GREEN – Impetuous espirit vital
15-4323 ETHEREAL BLUE – Idyllic balmy pacifying
19-3952 SURF THE WEB – Eternal protective endless
18-3633 DEEP LAVENDER – Supernatural mystical regal






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