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PANTONE® Color Cue®2.1

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PANTONE® Color Cue®2.1

Product Code :GEB105


Our    Price : US$299.00

PANTONE® Color Cue®2.1

Get what you want without any guessing. Now you can confidently capture color in seconds with this portable electronic PANTONE Color Library. Simply place the Color Cue®2.1 on the color you want to match and a quick reading gives you the closest corresponding PANTONE Color, selected from the full range of PANTONE PLUS Solid Colors, PANTONE Goe System Colors, PANTONE FASHION + HOME Color System and PANTONE PAINTS + INTERIORS Color System. Another touch of the button translates the PANTONE Color into RGB, HTML and L*a*b* values.

Features include:
•Portable, battery-powered device.
•Selectable screen displays.
•Store and recall up to 30 color readings.
•Identifies neighborhood colors - lighter/darker colors, redder/greener colors, yellower/bluer colors, close colors.
•New and improved LCD display •Stylish protective case.




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