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PANTONE® Guide to Communicating with Color

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PANTONE® Guide to Communicating with Color

Product Code :DBR100


Our    Price : US$36.99

PANTONE® Guide to Communicating with Color

Use the PANTONE Guide to Communicating with Color to make your color choices credible, predictable and effective. Filled with hundreds of color combinations and illustrations, this book is based on consultant Leatrice Eiseman's popular seminars on the psychology of color. Apply these essential guidelines and illustrations to all your projects- branding, packaging, point-of-purchase, advertising, signage, logos, web sites and more!

With this useful guide, you'll find everything you need to make color work in your designs – from valuable color terms to a chart for converting PANTONE spot colors to Hexachrome® and process formats. Created especially for anyone interested in the psychology of color and meaningful color combinations, this guide uses Pantone's universally utilized color systems to ensure that color comes out just the way you like – No surprises.


Basic color terminology

The emotional impact of Color families

Color symbolism and trends

Hundreds of color combinations and illustrations o Ink color formulas for printing

Chart for converting PANTONE® spot colors to Hexachrome® and process formats


Explains the emotional meaning of each color family

Demonstrates hundreds of the most effective color combinations

Eliminates guesswork in color selection and verification

Easy to communicate colors by distinct number or name

System supported by worldwide network of PANTONE Licensed Printed Ink Manufacturers




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