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ColorMunki Smile

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Product name : X-Rite   ColorMunki Smile

Product Code :CMUNSML

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ColorMunki Smile

Amazingly Simple Monitor Calibration
For photo hobbyists, design enthusiasts, gamers and web viewing, ColorMunki Smile is a super simple way to get more accurate color from your monitor. The process is easy. The results are amazing.

Calibrate. Share. Smile.
Every wonder why the pictures you took at the beach, graduation or your kid’s game don’t look the same on your monitor as you remember them? Well, monitors aren’t perfect. Color can vary from monitor to monitor or change over time. (Sometimes a whole lot.) Even the conditions where you view the monitor can have an effect on what the color looks like on the screen. If only there was a cure? Smile – there is.
ColorMunki Smile delivers super simple monitor calibration for your laptop or desktop monitor. Calibration is just a fancy way of saying adjust your computer screen to show the colors correctly. Sound complicated? Smile – it isn't.
Actually, it’s really easy. Simply plug the device into your USB port and follow the on-screen instructions. ColorMunki Smile does all the work with a few clicks of the mouse. When the process is done you’ll see before and after results and your new color settings automatically start working. So whether you are viewing, editing or sharing your images, you’ll know your colors are right. Even if you’re gaming or web browsing you’ll get truer colors. It couldn’t be simpler.
Your colors should really match everywhere they appear. With ColorMunki Smile, now they will. Easily. Beautifully. All the time. Start smiling.

ColorMunki Smile colorimeter with counterweight, ColorMunki Smile software for calibrating monitors, and printed Quick Start Guide.
ColorMunki Smile includes an end user license agreement (EULA) allowing a single user the ability to install and run unlimited installations of ColorMunki software on any number of computers that he/she owns. A PDF of the single user, unlimited seat license policy can be downloaded via Support Tab link.

x - Aperture size must be specified at time of purchase with the below suffix at the position of the
“x” in the above part numbers Suffix 1 - Aperture 1.5 mm, for 2 mm patches, for screening of 175 l/inch, 69 l/cm or above
Suffix 2 - Aperture 2 mm, for 3 to 5 mm patches, for screening of 133 l/inch, 52 l/cm or above Suffix 4 - Aperture 4 mm, for 5 to 6 mm patches, for screening of 65 l/inch, 26 l/cm or above
Suffix 6 - Aperture 6 mm, for large patches (e.g. in packaging)

y - Line cord must be specified at time of purchase with the below suffix at the position of the “y” in the above part numbers
Suffix N - North America, Suffix E - Europe, Suffix A - Argentina, Suffix B - Brazil, Suffix C - China, Suffix D - Denmark, Suffix I - Italy, Suffix J - Japan, Suffix S - Switzerland, Suffix U - United Kingdom

Example: eXact Standard with Bluetooth, with 2mm aperture for North Americas: P/N = NGHXRB2BN




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